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A visit to Lucy in Disguise

27 Sep

Lucy in Disguise is a vintage store owned by famed Lily Allen and her younger sister. First of all can I just mention how STRIKINGLY COOL their shop front is. You can literally spot the gold glitter a mile away!

Walking into the store I was surprised with how organized the store looked. It didn’t have that typical London vintage store feel to it – nor smell at that matter. I started going thru the clothes and quickly realized, this isn’t your everyday vintage store – this is high-fashion-couture vintage! HELLO! CHANEL. DIOR. YVES SAINT LAURENT.  In between my gasps I managed to speak with the store manager who basically told me that Lilly Allen and her good friend Karl Lagerfeld (oooh laa laa) travel the world to scout for these pieces from different collectors. And because of how rare the pieces are, some are on a rental only basis.

Vintage Dress by Christian Dior

Bow detail on Dior Dress

Vintage Chanel Accessories

The store is located near Carnaby street.

LITTLE sister


Selfridges Anyone?

25 Sep

So OF COURSE my first post about my trip is going to be on one of my most favorite stores in London – Selfridges.

Did some great shopping and better window shopping since the AW11 collections were waaaaay too heavy for a girl living in Kuwait. The gorgeous furs and wools do me no good as I’m (what I like to call) a practical gal. Most of my purchases speak to me and have a task to fulfill. Some say “hey, I’m good for the office”, while others say “yo, I’m so comfy yet trendy you’ll wanna wear me for breakfast”. But then again a few do say “MUST BUY ME NOW. MUST BUY ME NOW.”

Here are the few that spoke to me:

Adorable Tee by Red Valentino

Printed blouse by ALICE by Temperley

Bold dress by DVF

Leather jacket by Tory Burch

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Missoni for Target

15 Sep

Missoni’s 400 piece collection has officially launched! After their website crashed many times and alleged fights broke out at the store, the collection is said to be SOLD OUT nationwide (USA). It’s too bad for all of us here in Kuwait 😦

What’s exiting about this collaboration is that Missoni didn’t just stick to ready-to-wear. They did a home collection which included kitchenware! They did a kiddie wear, footwear, even a stationary line!   F-U-N

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Elizabeth Taylor Jewelry Auction

11 Sep

If you love jewelry and would like to own a few timeless pieces then you’re in LUCK – all you need is a plane ticket to New York and a few million dollars..

On Dec. 13th, 80 of Elizabeth Taylor’s iconic jewelry will be up for sale. Included are:

33.19 carats. Worth an estimated $2.5 million to $3.5 million.

Ruby & Diamond set by Cartier. Worth an estimated at $430,000 to $620,000

*images from cocoperez

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Shop Al Ostoura Online

7 Sep

I LOVE technology. The fact that I can “window” shop from the comfort of my own office/home is FANTASTIC! Note I’ve used the term “window” shop.. Well how can I put this without sounding a tad bit outdated or living under a rock – ummm in plain English I just absolutely cannot SHOP online even if my life depended on it! There I said it.  Its sad but true – I just cannot do it.

I can’t buy something without physically seeing it. WOW- I know. It’s a phobia that I have and please trust I am trying to do everything that I can to get over it. I salute all you women out there that courageously shop online, purchase without hesitation, click away and spend your cash through a computer. I truly salute you and hope one day I can do the same, for now all I can do is “window” shop and when I like what I see, I hope in my car and drive to the store!

Anyhow going back to the main topic – I am happy to announce Al Ostoura is now live online!

Here are my picks from their new collection:

Shirt by MSGM - 51KD










Cuffed Pants by Stella McCartney - 155KD










Scarf by Alexander Mcqueen - 115KD










Shoulder Bag by Chloe - 460KD











Mesh Ballerinas by Melissa - 18.9KD (30% off)










Shop now at

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