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History of Rap: by Justin & Jimmy

20 Nov

LOOOOL   That Justin is one super talented little Mickey- Mouse- Cluber

I ❤ Justin

Watch all three parts below…..very funny, entertaining….and nostalgic

BIG sis


Princess Kate is Pregnant

17 Nov


Yes…Yes…Yes…. She is!

According to intouch magazine, she’s 6 weeks pregnant…. not officially announced yet, but good news like that has got to be leaked I guess 🙂

uuuummmmmm….what would they call the heir to the throne??

Apparently, they’ve got some names lined up….

A boy would be Edward, Philip, or Michael

And a girl would be Alice, or Rose

Names fit for a King or a Queen…. 🙂

Congratulations Royalies….. We’re happy for you!

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Kim K files for DIVORCE!

1 Nov

After 72 days of marriage Kim Kardashian and Kris Humphries are divorcing!  WOW! I thought they would at least have past 1 year of marriage.

Kim is said to have filed yesterday stating “irreconcilable differences.” I wonder if she’ll give him the ring back?!

This photo was taken 9 days ago at Kim’s Las Vegas birthday bash! How sad?!

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Omar Al Sharif slaps woman!! What the HELL?!?!

30 Oct

What a crazy idiot?!?!

How dare he??!

What do u think of the woman’s reaction?!?!? Disgusting!


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Mariah Carey debuts her twins…….tooooooo cute :)

23 Oct

Oooooooooohhhh…toooo cute…. beautiful 6-months old twins… you must be so proud mommy Mariah….

Moroccan and Monroe…. you guys are the cutest little things 🙂

(just so you guys know…Moroccan is the boy, named after a New York hotel suite where Cannon proposed to Carey, and Monroe is the girl, named after Marilyn…. I thought it was the other way around….oooppps)




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Sad :( for Giuliana!

20 Oct

Bill Rancic and Giuliana Rancic step out at the 18th Annual QVC ‘FFANY Shoes On Sale’ at The Waldorf- Astoria in New York City on October 13, 2011

I love Giuliana…and Bill too…..

I think they are  great people, and a great couple….love ’em….

I felt sorry for her because she soooo wanted to get pregnant, and couldn’t…. all that hope, and agony…poor thing 😦

And THEN….. her doctor says ‘I’m sorry, you have breast cancer.’ …..

Life is so unfair!!!

She had to have a double lumpectomy, I think…. but I’m sure her wonderful husband was there to hold her hands thru it all…..

I hope she gets well, and she has that baby that she wants so much…..

Sending love and support to you Giuliana 😦

BIG sis

Kim K in dubai

13 Oct

Here are some pics I found of KimK in Dubai 🙂

Welcome to the Middle East…

She is a super fabulous celebrity!!  Watch below  the clips of the VVVIP reception they had for her and her mom in Atlantis….


Kim Kardashian arrives at Atlantis, The Palm, Dubai





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