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Omar Al Sharif slaps woman!! What the HELL?!?!

30 Oct

What a crazy idiot?!?!

How dare he??!

What do u think of the woman’s reaction?!?!? Disgusting!


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Is your home HALLOWEEN ready?

25 Oct

I am a HUGE sucker for holidays! H-U-G-E! So in the spirit of Halloween I decided to do a post on how to get your home Halloween ready! Whether you wanna go big or small – check out the pictures and get INSPIRED – but if you ask me no Halloween is complete without a spooky carved pumpkin!

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Barbie gets a Modern Home

24 Oct

A company called Miniio has developed this interesting modern home for Barbie! How fun is that? The little details are adorable!

Check out the sophistication!

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October is Breast Cancer Month

24 Oct

I’m sure everyone knows that the month of October is Breast Cancer month.

The risk for breast cancer is very high.  The last statistic I read is that 1 out of 8 women are expected to get it during their lifetime.  I’m sure if you think about it, you’ll realize that you know someone who has had it.  I personally know 3 survivors. 

Breast cancer is the most common cancer amongst women.  After lung cancer, it is the second leading cause of death for women.

We must educate ourselves about the risks, and know the early detection signs. 

Ladies, you’re advised to perform self-exams once a month, every month, if you’re between the ages of 20-39, with general physicals once every 1-3 years.  If you’re between 40-49, also do monthly self-exams, with annual physicals and mammograms every 1-2 years.  And for women above 50, mammograms and physicals must be performed once a year, with monthly self-exams too. 

Well, doctors do not yet know what the causes of Breast Cancer are, but its important to know what the risk factors are.  The factors that increase the risk are alcohol consumption, being overweight, not having children, having your first child after 30, longtime exposure to radiation, taking birth control pills for longer than 5 years, and taking any hormone replacement therapy medication to help with menopausal symptoms.

And as they say, “The best protection is early detection”.  Make sure you do monthly self exams, and let’s help spread the awareness!

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Tim Hortons in Dubai

23 Oct

Tim Hortons is finally heeeeeeere!! (well not quite in Kuwait…but close)

Tim Hortons is the Canadian equivalent to Starbucks in Kuwait…  They have one on almost every corner on every street in Canada… The best coffees, flavored cappuccinos, bagels, muffins, donuts, sandwiches… Ah…the nostalgia…

So I was super excited when I saw it on the Sheikh Zayed Road end of September, and made sure I went.  I found out that they had just opened, and it was pretty obvious judging by the long lines that extended outside the store! After waiting in line for about 20 mins (yes 20 mins!), I finally took a sip of that french vanilla cappuccino and immediately knew that the wait was well worth it! 

 Where is Tim Hortons in Dubai?  Its on the Sheikh Zayed Road next Starbucks.  Drive passed the Crowne Plaza and the Sheraton Four Points.  And, if you’re using the Metro, its right next to the Financial Center Metro Station 2.

Onion bagel with cream cheese

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Mariah Carey debuts her twins…….tooooooo cute :)

23 Oct

Oooooooooohhhh…toooo cute…. beautiful 6-months old twins… you must be so proud mommy Mariah….

Moroccan and Monroe…. you guys are the cutest little things 🙂

(just so you guys know…Moroccan is the boy, named after a New York hotel suite where Cannon proposed to Carey, and Monroe is the girl, named after Marilyn…. I thought it was the other way around….oooppps)




BIG sis : 7 weirdest things about Gaddafi

21 Oct

Pitching a fit: Gaddafi's tent (top of picture) can be seen in the grounds of Donald Trump's Seven Springs estate in Bedford, New York

1. The “Bulletproof” Tent: When Gadhafi was at home in Tripoli, he lived in a well fortified compound with a complex system of escape tunnels. But when he travelled abroad, this “Bedouin” brought a bit of the desert with him, camping out in the world’s capitals. The tent was so heavy it needed to be flown on a separate plane, wherever the dictator travelled. To complete the Arabian Nights theme, Gadhafi often would tether a camel or two outside.



Image Detail

2. All-Female Virgin Bodyguard Retinue: They apparently weren’t around when Gadhafi needed them most on Thursday, but the eccentric dictator was historically protected by 40 well trained bodyguards – all of them women. The bodyguards, called “Amazons,” were all reportedly virgins who took a vow of chastity upon joining the dictator’s retinue. The women, trained at an all-female military academy, were handpicked by Gadhafi. They wore elaborate uniforms, as well as makeup and high-heeled combat boots.



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3. His “Voluptuous” Ukrainian Nurse: For a decade, Galyna Kolotnytska, a Ukrainian nurse often described in the press as “voluptuous,” was regularly seen at the dictator’s side. Kolotnytska was described in a leaked diplomatic cable as one of Gadhafi’s closest aides and was rumored to have a romantic relationship with him. Several other Ukrainian women served as nurses and they all referred to him as “Papa” or “Daddy.”



Image Detail

4. Crush on Condoleezza Rice: In 2007, Gadhafi called former Sec. of State Condoleezza Rice his “darling black African woman” and on a 2008 visit she made to Tripoli, the dictator gave her $200,000 worth of gifts, including a ring and a lute. But it wasn’t until rebels stormed his Tripoli compound that the depths of the dictator’s infatuation were exposed. There among Gadhafi’s belongings was a carefully composed photo album made up of dozens of images of no one but Rice.

5. Fear of Flying and Elevators: Part of the reason Gadhafi loved travelling with that tent of his was because he was worried about lodging in a hotel where he’d have to ride an elevator. According to leaked diplomatic cables, the Libyan didn’t like heights much either, and would only climb to a height of 35 steps. He therefore wasn’t much of a fan of flying, refusing to travel by air for more than eight hours at a time. When he would travel to New York of the U.N.’s annual general assembly, he would spend a night in Portugal on the way to the U.S.



6. Bunga Bunga: In 2010, one of Gadhafi’s most eccentric pastimes was exposed by Italian prosecutors investigating Italian Prime Minister Silvio Berlusconi. A 17-year-old prostitute named Karima el-Mahroug, better known as Ruby Heartstealer, revealed that she had been invited to an orgy, called a “bunga bunga.” “Silvio told me that he’d copied that formula from Muammar Gadhafi,” she told prosecutors according to La Repubblica. “It’s a ritual of [Gadhafi’s] African harem.”


Image Detail

7. An Eclectic Wardrobe: In those photos of world leaders standing shoulder to shoulder on the sidelines of this or that international forum, Gadhafi was always the easiest to pick out. His wardrobe was an eclectic mix of ornate military uniforms, Miami Vice style leisure suits, and Bedouin robes. Gadhafi, who pushed for a pan-African federation of nations, often decorated his outfits with images of the African continent. He’d sport safari shirts printed with an Africa pattern, or wear garish pins or necklaces of the continent.


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