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To all Moms…..with love

6 Sep

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Oh you ask….do I work? Uh… yes, 24 hours a day…I am a Mum! I am an alarm clock, a cook, a maid, a teacher, a nanny, a nurse, a taxi, a handyman, a security officer, a photographer, a counsellor , a jungle gym and a comforter. I don’t get holidays, sick pay or days off. I work through the day and night, and am on call 24 hours and get paid with hugs and kisses.

BIG sister


The BEST Dark Chocolate EVER!

30 Aug

Uhhhh…Pierre Marcolini! I love these chocolates!

So I was introduced to Peirre Marcolini chocolate a few years ago and instantly fell in LOVE! 

I love snacking on chocolate..specially dark chocolate…and since most of theirs are dark, this was a match made in Heaven.  They have many different flavor infusions, from the bitter to the sweet.  The dark ones have that wonderfully rich, bitter dark chocolate taste (you know what I’m talking about!).  I think one of the best Belgian chocolates I’ve ever had!

If you haven’t tried it yet, you’re definitely missing out! 

They have an outlet in Hilton Mangaf, and I heard they moved the Dar AlAwadi location to the Avenues (I haven’t been there yet, but will confirm when I go).

MIDDLE sister

Hello World!

26 Aug

3 sisters in Kuwait – the name says it all.

Big Sister is the mom, the homemaker, the cook. Look out for exciting recipes, product reviews and everything kids-related.

Middle Sister is the skinny food junkie. Name any restaurant in Kuwait- she’s been there! But wait – she’s also a calorie counter so a heads up on the health and exercise tips coming from her!

Little Sister is the celebrity crazed fashionista. Jet-setting around the world, she’s constantly on the go! She will take you with her on glamorous trips, share fashion advice, and GOSSIP Hollywood style!

We might agree, we might disagree, but it’ll surely be fun to see!