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Kim K files for DIVORCE!

1 Nov

After 72 days of marriage Kim Kardashian and Kris Humphries are divorcing!  WOW! I thought they would at least have past 1 year of marriage.

Kim is said to have filed yesterday stating “irreconcilable differences.” I wonder if she’ll give him the ring back?!

This photo was taken 9 days ago at Kim’s Las Vegas birthday bash! How sad?!

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Is your home HALLOWEEN ready?

25 Oct

I am a HUGE sucker for holidays! H-U-G-E! So in the spirit of Halloween I decided to do a post on how to get your home Halloween ready! Whether you wanna go big or small – check out the pictures and get INSPIRED – but if you ask me no Halloween is complete without a spooky carved pumpkin!

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Barbie gets a Modern Home

24 Oct

A company called Miniio has developed this interesting modern home for Barbie! How fun is that? The little details are adorable!

Check out the sophistication!

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Michael Bolton in Dubai!

12 Oct

For all you Michael Bolton fans (me included), he will be performing LIVE in Madinat Jumeirah, Dubai on November 24! Tickets going on sale now!


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World Cafe Middle East – Bobby Chin

10 Oct


If you like to watch the Food Network in your down time – then I def recommend you watch World Cafe Middle East. The host Bobby Chin is so pleasant to watch. His quirky personality and humor is so entertaining. He’s half Egyptian half Chinese, born and raised between London and San Fransisco. Every episode he travels to a different country in the region and discovers their traditional dishes!  It’s so funny to watch how people react to his jokes – so awkwardly hilarious as most of them don’t understand what he’s saying!

Bobby Chin making ma7shi koosa with a Syrian woman

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The Real Housewives – Lisa Vanderpumps

9 Oct

Since the return of  Real Housewives of Beverly Hills I thought this post would be PERFECT for all you fans of the show. And if you’re not a fan then I am sure you will just enjoy looking at pictures of this stunning 15,000 sqft Beverly Hills mansion, estimated at  $29 million.

The ever so sophisticated Lisa Vanderpumps is the owner of this 7 bedroom 10 bath house. ENJOY!


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California Living

5 Oct

Since I posted yesterday on Jennifer Lopez’s new house in the Hamptons I figured why not share with everyone pictures of her current California home. Apparently this is the house she stays in when she’s shooting American Idol!

grand staircase

living room

grey, blue, and white kitchen

afternoon tea area

family room

guest bedroom

dinning room

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