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Most Common Complaints About the iPhone 4S

20 Oct

I’m really considering retiring my blackberry, and getting an iPhone…..

If I decide to go ahead….(yiiikes!) …the question would be …4 or 4S?

I would ‘ve thought I’d jump right into the 4S, but I’m seriously considering the 4….. just cuz I would probably want to get the iPhone 5 when it comes out next year…..

There are two main complaints so far about the iPhone 4S:

Subpar Screen Quality

A fresh new phone shouldn’t have a jaundiced screen. But proud new iPhone owners have taken to the Apple forums to complain about less-than-bright screens. “Got a new iPhone 4S this morning, and when I put it next to my old iPhone 4 I discovered the screen was much ‘nicer’ on the old iPhone,” writes Snowglider on the forum. “When I say nicer, its kind of got a really yellow tint to the screen on the 4S, whites are where you notice it the most for example the email looks far nicer on the iPhone 4 screen. All other colours look quite washed out,” he continues.

Siri Doesn’t Always Work

Siri is the most entertaining feature, but it sometimes has trouble connecting. “Siri is not working at all on my Sprint 32GB Black iPhone 4S,” writes Gregory 813 on the Apple Support Communities forum. “Keeps saying ‘Sorry Something’s gone wrong. Can you try that again?’ or ‘Uh oh, there’s a problem. Can you try again?'” Siri has a popularity issue, speculates another forum writer. “I am going to bet that the servers that handle the dictation and Siri backend are overloaded and they are racing to implement failover servers for all of the unexpected traffic,” suggests J. Morris. In any case, it looks like the fix is a classic: The old turn-it-off-and-then-on trick. Turning Siri off, resetting network settings, and turning her back on seems to work, discovered Business Insider’s Ellis Hamburger.

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Why iPhone 4S, not iPhone 5….

11 Oct

I found this article very interesting….. so I thought I’d share it with my dear readers…

Image Detail

It explains why Apple launched the iPhone 4S, even though many people were waiting for and expecting the iPhone 5…

And like the author says…”Now I get it!!”

When Apple launched the iPhone 4S instead of the iPhone 5 last week, I initially thought it was a disappointment and a mistake.

But viewing the 4S as disappointing ignores Apple’s likely thinking behind it, which Asymco analyst Horace Dediu explains very clearly here.

The thinking is that most iPhone 4 owners are still bound by the 2-year contracts they had to enter into when they bought the iPhone 4, so they’ll be less likely to now upgrade anyway (barring carriers waving those contracts, which they might have if Apple had released the “5”).

So the 4S isn’t aimed at these folks. It’s aimed at the other three categories of iPhone 4S buyers:

  • Pre-iPhone 4 iPhone users (~70 million of them)
  • Non-smartphone users (1+ billion, who can now get a 3GS for free, if price is an issue)
  • Non-iPhone smartphone users (Blackberry, AndroidNokia)
The release of the forthcoming iPhone 5, meanwhile, which presumably will be a more radical upgrade from the iPhone 4, will likely be timed to appeal directly to the ~70 million iPhone 4 owners who will just then be starting to come off their two-year contracts. The iPhone 4 was released in the early summer of 2010. So the two-year window for these contracts will begin to roll off in the summer of 2012 (next June).

So it wouldn’t be surprising to see Apple launch the phone next June, when the iPhone 4 folks begin to come off their contracts.

In short, Apple’s thinking about the iPhone 4S may have been as follows:

  • It has to be good enough to get iPhone 3G and 3GS users drooling (check)
  • It has to be good enough to get non-smartphone users to want to upgrade to it or the free 3GS instead of an Android phone (check)
  • It has to be good enough to get some Android and Blackberry users to switch (check)
So all you iPhone 4 users…hold your horses….
wait till next year to upgrade….to the much anticipated iPhone 5 🙂
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1.5 million $ Drag Race

16 Sep

This post is a very special dedication to my husband and brother-in-law…. enjoy 😉


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Leak: New Blackberry Bold?

12 Sep

I don’t know about all you guys, but I prefer the old design :s


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iPhone 5 Buzz….. sssshhhhhhhh

29 Aug


Maybe I’ll finally retire my Blackberry…..

(but gotta convince MIDDLE sis and LITTLE sis to do the same too…)



Rumors say that its gonna be out in October, and maybe called iPhone 4S….


  • Wireless syncing, wireless charging
  • Better camera (8 megapixels!)
  • 4″ screen or smaller
  • iCloud inside (The free service will automatically sync your pictures, music, and other data instantly between your computer and your iPhone.)
  • Faster, beefier processor
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