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7 Sep

I LOVE technology. The fact that I can “window” shop from the comfort of my own office/home is FANTASTIC! Note I’ve used the term “window” shop.. Well how can I put this without sounding a tad bit outdated or living under a rock – ummm in plain English I just absolutely cannot SHOP online even if my life depended on it! There I said it.  Its sad but true – I just cannot do it.

I can’t buy something without physically seeing it. WOW- I know. It’s a phobia that I have and please trust I am trying to do everything that I can to get over it. I salute all you women out there that courageously shop online, purchase without hesitation, click away and spend your cash through a computer. I truly salute you and hope one day I can do the same, for now all I can do is “window” shop and when I like what I see, I hope in my car and drive to the store!

Anyhow going back to the main topic – I am happy to announce Al Ostoura is now live online!

Here are my picks from their new collection:

Shirt by MSGM - 51KD










Cuffed Pants by Stella McCartney - 155KD










Scarf by Alexander Mcqueen - 115KD










Shoulder Bag by Chloe - 460KD











Mesh Ballerinas by Melissa - 18.9KD (30% off)










Shop now at

LITTLE sister


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