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18 Nov


BIG sis


Lets go to the Zoo and the Circus….

13 Nov

Hello dear readers…..Inshallah y’all had a happy Eid ….

The holiday’s over….. šŸ˜¦

and it didnt feel like 9 days at alllll

Anyway….we didn’t travel for Eid, we stayed in Kuwait and looked for new things to do…

And if you have kids, u know that u always try to look for kids-friendly activities andĀ destinations…

So, last week I took my children to the zoo for the first time in kuwait…

And I must say, for what I’d heard, I was notĀ disappointedĀ at all. I had heard all these terrible reviews about the zoo, and was expecting something awful to be honest…..but I must say that we enjoyed it very much…

Please do notĀ compareĀ to zoos abroad, or else u’ll be in for a shocker, but for a nice outing with ur children, to see some animals….I do recommend it šŸ˜‰

The Kuwait Zoo has Elephants, Leopards, Lions,Ā Giraffes,Ā Hippopotamuses, Deers,Ā Flamingos, Bears, Chimpanzees, monkeys…..and many more….

Its located in Omariya… and the weather is perfect now for a stroll in the zoo…enjoy šŸ™‚ šŸ™‚

Ok….the other place we went to was the Italian Circus…..

Image Detail

Once again, I was not disappointed….my girls enjoyed it very much, and I found it very entertaining….

Its located in Salmiya, behind Gulf mart…. And not very many people know about it….

I wish they’d advertise it ….it makes for a great outing with ur children and friends in the weekend….

They’re numbers are 99914807 and 99914607

They’ve got 2 shows everyday (except sundays) 6pm and 9pm….

Please do take ur children,…… they will enjoy it very much….

BIG sis

Is your home HALLOWEEN ready?

25 Oct

I am a HUGE sucker for holidays! H-U-G-E! So in the spirit of Halloween I decided to do a post on how to get your home Halloween ready! Whether you wanna go big or small – check out the pictures and get INSPIRED – but if you ask me no Halloween is complete without a spooky carved pumpkin!

LITTLE sister

Barbie gets a Modern Home

24 Oct

A company called Miniio has developed this interesting modern home for Barbie! How fun is that? The little details are adorable!

Check out the sophistication!

LITTLE sister

BIG sis pick: Partee Time

13 Oct

My daughter’s 4th birthday is comin up soon, so I’ve been preparing for her school party….cake, plates, favour bags….

And I came across this fantabulous local website that sells kids party kits and costumes!

The only other places that I know of are Baroue, and Party land, and they dont have much…..

Especially PartyLand ….I would have expected it to be much better than that….a big disappointment in my opinion….

So, anyway,…this business sells whole theme kits as well; so you can get a “Tangled” theme kit for ur girl, consisting of: plates, napkins, table cover, favour bags, banners….

WOW! and they canĀ personalizeĀ some items with ur child’s name as well…

What about the prices, u ask?

Ok, from my experience (I’ve thrown quite a few big birthday parties for my kids), the prices are very reasonable… The kits are good deals I think; u’ll pay the same if you bought everythingĀ individually…

So check it out…. šŸ™‚

BIG sis

Here is their website link

And fb

Michael Bolton in Dubai!

12 Oct

For all you Michael Bolton fans (me included), he will be performing LIVE in Madinat Jumeirah, Dubai on November 24! Tickets going on sale now!


LITTLE sister

Creativity: My Busy Week

3 Oct

I have noticed that I do not have or take enough pictures of my girls, especially my little one šŸ˜¦

I could go for weeks and weeks without taking a singleĀ picture of them ….. sob sob šŸ˜„

What an awful awful lazy mom?!

Image Detail

So I wanted to make it up to them somehow…. by making them something that they will enjoy, as they grow older…

something a little more fun and meaningful than just taking random pics, i guess…

It’s called “My Busy Week”

All I need is a camera and a photo album….and maybe some markers and fun stickers šŸ™‚

I will designate a week (maybe birthday week), to take pictures of my daughter regularly, doing Ā her routine activities of the day, like brushing her teeth….

I’ll then develop these pics and put them in the album in chronological order….to describe, with pics, the ordinary experiences of her day.

One year later (inshAllah), I bring out the camera again to begin another week-long photo documentary of her day!

Bring out the old pics and compare….kids enjoy photos of themselves doing ordinary things!

Take pics of them brushing their teeth, eating breakfast, getting dressed for school, combing their hair, waiting for the bus….. all the way until you sneak into their room at night for a pic of them fast asleep….

And its never too early or too late to start….. whatever the age of your child….


BIG sis