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Fight in Adan Hospital

29 Sep

OH NO! The woman got beat up too!

dated: Sept 8, 2011


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BIG sis picks: CIA cookware at Dean n Deluca

29 Sep

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Hello my dear readers, I’ve missed you ūüôā

Ok, so was in one of my favourite stores last week…, Dean and Deluca (they make¬†everything¬†look wonderful, and I always end up buying things I don’t need :s )

…so anyway….

I noticed that they have a pretty big section, at the back, of fancy cookware, and utensils…. the brand? The Culinary Institute of America! BEEEautiful stuff!

They’ve got a wonderful set of knives, comes with a back pack (like those guys on Top Chef)

CIA Masters Collection Hyde Park Cutlery

I was in a hurry so cudn’t take pics, but definitely worth a look if u’re a gourmet home chef, or a budding baker!

CIA Masters Collection 10 Piece Stainless Steel Cookware Set


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Truly A MUST Watch Documentary

28 Sep

My husband often spoke about his¬†excitement that Universal¬†Pictures was making a movie/documentary¬†on Aryton Senna, a¬†Brazilian¬†Formula 1 three-time world champion who died at the age of 34. I’m going to be honest and say that a) I did not share his¬†excitement¬†and b) Aryt— who? How do you¬†pronounce¬†his name again?

Well let me tell you one thing Рafter watching this documentary I felt like I had slept through 1994.  Given I was only 10 years old at the time, I cannot believe that until I watched this I had no idea who Aryton Senna was.

You don’t have to like¬†Formula¬†1 to watch it. This¬†documentary¬†is an intense look at a¬†remarkable¬†F1 champion’s¬†life seen through (never before seen) real footage. He is seen as strong,¬†articulate, and¬†fearless but you’ll also catch a¬†glimpse of how ¬†sensitive ¬†and vulnerable he was. It is filled with high emotion and real intensity.

“Senna” broke the record for the highest grossing opening weekend¬†documentary film in British cinema history.

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Why, cuz Gywneth Paltrow says so!

28 Sep

I’m a fan of a website created by Gwyneth Paltrow. She started this website because of how often her friends would ask for recommendations. She lists her favorite hotels she’s stayed in, restaurants she’s eaten at, and stores she’s been to. F-U-N!

So since I had a London trip coming up I thought to myself well why not try one of her recommendations!

I chose the River Cafe. Aside from its lovely location which overlooks the Thames river, the food and the ambiance was divine!

yummmmy langoustines

this was so delicious, I don't remember the name of the dish

ravioli stuffed w/ veal

crab linguine

their famous flour-less "chocolate nemesis" - cooking time 4 hours

I would definitely go there again!

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A visit to Lucy in Disguise

27 Sep

Lucy in Disguise is a vintage store owned by famed Lily Allen and her younger sister. First of all can I just mention how STRIKINGLY COOL their shop front is. You can literally spot the gold glitter a mile away!

Walking into the store I was surprised with how organized the store looked. It didn’t have that typical London vintage store feel to it – nor smell at that matter. I started going thru the clothes and quickly realized, this isn’t your everyday vintage store – this is high-fashion-couture vintage! HELLO! CHANEL. DIOR.¬†YVES SAINT LAURENT.¬† In between my gasps I managed to speak with the store manager who basically told me that Lilly Allen and her good friend Karl Lagerfeld (oooh laa laa) travel the world to scout for these pieces from different collectors. And because of how rare the pieces are, some are on a rental only basis.

Vintage Dress by Christian Dior

Bow detail on Dior Dress

Vintage Chanel Accessories

The store is located near Carnaby street.

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FACE it!

27 Sep

Ever think about throwing a celebrity themed Halloween party? Well look no further for your costume! Look at what I spotted in Selfridges…

I wanna be Simon. Who would you be?


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If you’re a fan of “The Office” WATCH this..

27 Sep

Pretty FUNNY mash up!



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