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Crocs Accidents on Escalators….

17 Nov

I had heard, a few years ago, about incidents were crocs worn by children got caught in escalators….

and I never understood how it would happen, and never really bothered to investigate, or read more about it because my daughters don’t wear them…

But then I came across this picture below, showing how the injury usually occurs, and it freaked me out!!!

I have goosebumps right now!!! EEEEEEKKKKKK!

Imagine a child’s foot mangled and trapped in the side of the escalator!!!!. EEEEKKKKKKK!

What happens is that the slip-resistant quality of the footwear, ironically
the same quality that ranks among its unique selling points, causes it to
adhere to the side of a moving escalator upon contact. Resulting injuries
have ranged from simple scratches to toes being actually ripped off. 

So please please keep that in mind the next time ur children wear crocs to the mall or whatever,…..

Make sure ur children are always standing in the middle of the steps!

     Andie injury


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