Lets go to the Zoo and the Circus….

13 Nov

Hello dear readers…..Inshallah y’all had a happy Eid ….

The holiday’s over….. 😦

and it didnt feel like 9 days at alllll

Anyway….we didn’t travel for Eid, we stayed in Kuwait and looked for new things to do…

And if you have kids, u know that u always try to look for kids-friendly activities and destinations…

So, last week I took my children to the zoo for the first time in kuwait…

And I must say, for what I’d heard, I was not disappointed at all. I had heard all these terrible reviews about the zoo, and was expecting something awful to be honest…..but I must say that we enjoyed it very much…

Please do not compare to zoos abroad, or else u’ll be in for a shocker, but for a nice outing with ur children, to see some animals….I do recommend it 😉

The Kuwait Zoo has Elephants, Leopards, Lions, Giraffes, Hippopotamuses, Deers, Flamingos, Bears, Chimpanzees, monkeys…..and many more….

Its located in Omariya… and the weather is perfect now for a stroll in the zoo…enjoy 🙂 🙂

Ok….the other place we went to was the Italian Circus…..

Image Detail

Once again, I was not disappointed….my girls enjoyed it very much, and I found it very entertaining….

Its located in Salmiya, behind Gulf mart…. And not very many people know about it….

I wish they’d advertise it ….it makes for a great outing with ur children and friends in the weekend….

They’re numbers are 99914807 and 99914607

They’ve got 2 shows everyday (except sundays) 6pm and 9pm….

Please do take ur children,…… they will enjoy it very much….

BIG sis


2 Responses to “Lets go to the Zoo and the Circus….”

  1. Nees November 14, 2011 at 5:59 pm #

    Thanx big sis, we always need new ideas for entertaining the kids, will definetely check them out!!

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