BIG sis pick: Partee Time

13 Oct

My daughter’s 4th birthday is comin up soon, so I’ve been preparing for her school party….cake, plates, favour bags….

And I came across this fantabulous local website that sells kids party kits and costumes!

The only other places that I know of are Baroue, and Party land, and they dont have much…..

Especially PartyLand ….I would have expected it to be much better than that….a big disappointment in my opinion….

So, anyway,…this business sells whole theme kits as well; so you can get a “Tangled” theme kit for ur girl, consisting of: plates, napkins, table cover, favour bags, banners….

WOW! and they can personalize some items with ur child’s name as well…

What about the prices, u ask?

Ok, from my experience (I’ve thrown quite a few big birthday parties for my kids), the prices are very reasonable… The kits are good deals I think; u’ll pay the same if you bought everything individually…

So check it out…. 🙂

BIG sis

Here is their website link

And fb


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