Common Kitchen Mistakes

5 Oct

This post will only interest you if you cook at home…. you’ll find it very interesting, as did I, and might learn a thing or two 🙂

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  • Overcrowding Your Pan When Searing:

The reason we brown meat is to add flavor, but if you overcrowd your pan, your meat will never brown. Because food releases moisture when it is cooking, foods that are left in a crowded pan will steam instead of searing. Cook your food in batches or use two pans so the process is faster.


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  • Not Getting Your Pan Hot Enough:
Another reason your meat might not sear properly is because you do not get your pan hot enough. If you want to properly brown your meat, make sure to get your pan hot before carefully adding your oil (make sure it is an oil with a high smoking point). Once your oil starts to shimmer, then you can add your meat to the pan. Also, make sure to pat your meat dry with a paper towel before you sear it.
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  • Overcooking Your Vegetables:
You can avoid limp broccoli and soggy carrots by cooking them (separately) in a large pot filled with rapidly boiling, salted water. When the vegetables are finished (they should have a vibrant color and still be firm), shock them in ice water to stop the cooking process. This will prevent your vegetables from overcooking.
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  • Oversalting Your Food:
There are a couple of ways to make sure you avoid oversalting your food. The best method is to taste your food as you go and factor in salty ingredients like cheese before adding salt to your food. But even if you have taken these precautions and your food still tastes like a salt lick, there are a couple of things you can do to make your food seem less salty.

First, try to trick your tongue into thinking the food is less salty by adding acids like vinegar or lemon juice to your food. Another trick is to add a little sugar to your food. If you are making soups or broth, adding water will help. Do not bother trying to add potatoes to salty dishes because it does not work and picking potatoes out of your tomato sauce is not fun.

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  • Cooking Cold Meat:
If you are puzzled by why your meat is raw on the inside and overcooked on the outside, it is probably because you are cooking cold meat. Next time, bring your meat to room temperature before you start cooking. This applies to every piece of meat that you cook (and fish too).
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  • Not Sifting Ingredients to Remove Lumps:
There is nothing quite as disheartening as cutting into your beautiful cake and discovering clumps of brown sugar or cocoa powder in the middle. In order to avoid clumps in your cake and other baked goods, you should sift brown sugar and cocoa powder to remove all the lumps so that they do not bake into your pastries.

Here is a bonus tip: When it comes to sifting your dry ingredients together, you can probably skip this step and use a whisk or food processor instead. They are better at evenly distributing things like salt, baking powder, or baking soda into the flour.

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