Creativity: My Busy Week

3 Oct

I have noticed that I do not have or take enough pictures of my girls, especially my little one 😦

I could go for weeks and weeks without taking a single picture of them ….. sob sob 😥

What an awful awful lazy mom?!

Image Detail

So I wanted to make it up to them somehow…. by making them something that they will enjoy, as they grow older…

something a little more fun and meaningful than just taking random pics, i guess…

It’s called “My Busy Week”

All I need is a camera and a photo album….and maybe some markers and fun stickers 🙂

I will designate a week (maybe birthday week), to take pictures of my daughter regularly, doing  her routine activities of the day, like brushing her teeth….

I’ll then develop these pics and put them in the album in chronological order….to describe, with pics, the ordinary experiences of her day.

One year later (inshAllah), I bring out the camera again to begin another week-long photo documentary of her day!

Bring out the old pics and compare….kids enjoy photos of themselves doing ordinary things!

Take pics of them brushing their teeth, eating breakfast, getting dressed for school, combing their hair, waiting for the bus….. all the way until you sneak into their room at night for a pic of them fast asleep….

And its never too early or too late to start….. whatever the age of your child….


BIG sis



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