Makeup + $$$ + Average gal = Beautiful Celebrity

19 Sep

We all want to be like Tori Spelling ... with a car like that and a makeup artist like that ...

Kendra Wilkinson proves that 'Dancing With the Stars' does a body - and not a face - good.

Mischa Barton, why so glum? is it because you got caught bare - and red - faced?

Katherine Heigl should really ditch that large coffee and hit her bed instead.

Orange you glad Kourtney Kardashian took a break from the bronzer? Sure, she looks a little tired, but at least she's not an Oompa Loompa anymore!

Debra Messing looks a hot mess sans eyeliner.

Eep! Katy Perry, aren't you the spokeswoman for Proactiv?

Everyone wonders how Kelly Ripa balances career, marriage, kids, and keeping up her incredible figure. Well, if it makes you feel any better, 'having it all' seems have taken its toll ... on her face.

Duchess of York, Sarah Furguson, looks like she needs a royal nap!

Lookin' a little rough there, Pammy! Even with copious eyeliner and frosty lipstick, the blond bombshell isn't looking so camera-ready.

Michelle Rodriguez seems to have, er, 'lost' her makeup bag.

Claudia Schiffer looks darn good for having three children!

The stars turn to Twitter to show off their makeup-free looks. Lisa Rinna is looking a big ragged ...

Australian singer Kylie Minogue still looks phenomenal, even without her stage makeup.

Milla Jovovich looks a bit weary but otherwise still as stunning as ever ...

Yikes!  It doesn't take much to make Uma Thurman look ravishing, but with glasses, no makeup, and unkempt hair, it'd be hard for anyone to look good.

Tyra, please take the advice you give every cycle on 'America's Next Top Model': less is more.  Layoff the alien paint once and for all.  At least she's smising!

Speaking of what it takes to be a 'Top Model,' ...

There's no denying that Sarah Michelle Gellar is a stunning woman. While she looks fantastic all done up, the 32-year-old mother of one is every bit as beautiful au naturale.


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