Let’s go Green

18 Sep

I read about this on Mark’s blog….

There’s a local recycling company, called MRC (Metal & Recycling Company), that recycles paper, plastic, metal…etc.

If you contact them, they’ll send you the bins to dispose your garbage. When they r full, call them to pick it up…It doesn’t get any easier! I think we can allllll do that…what do you think?

And if you’re not the one in charge of your house cleaning, it’s very easy to explain to the housemaids how to separate the diff kinds of garbage….

I think its about time we start from the inside of our homes šŸ™‚ and it would be a great thing to teach your children too!

Recently, on all my trips abroad, I have noticed how people (and stores, especially) have become more and moreĀ environment-friendly. In some countries now, they charge you for every plastic bag they give you to put your shopping in. And these re-usable shopping bags are EVERYWHERE!

And the latest trend, are the shrinking water bottle caps …less plastic!!

poland spring

So think about it….we throw out garbage anyway….

Can we take an extra second of our time to put it in the proper bin? šŸ˜‰


You can call them on 97285044 or emailĀ Ā newair@mrc.com.kw

BIG sister

MRC fb





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