Story about a Pulitzer Prize Winner

12 Sep

I was recently told about this by one of my friends:

Kevin Carter, a South African photojournalist, took this picture of a starving girl in Southern Sudan back in 1993, and ended up winning the 1994 Pulitzer prize for it.  (The Pulitzer Prize is an annual international award given to journalists and writers.)

Sadly, this story doesn’t have a happy ending.

Two months after he received his prize,  Kevin Carter committed suicide.  

The public critisized him for taking that picture instead of helping the starving girl.  I’ve found 2 versions of how the story ended, the first was that he took the little girl to a UN camp, and the second was that he didn’t know want happened to the girl.  But both versions thankfully said he scared the vulture away. 

His friends apparently said he was a very sensitive man, who was deeply affected by his work assignments and couldnt psychologically handle the atrocious conditions he saw.

Why would a Pulitzer Prize winner commit suicide?  I guess too much critisizm from critics and his sensitivity made it unbareable for him to live.  Well, on the other hand, his photograph brought a lot of pulicity to the problems with living conditions and famine in Sudan, so he surely left a great legacy.

As for us, we should be thankful for everything we have, and its never to late to help out people in need.  Seeing pictures like this one puts real faces to stories you only hear and read about.  If you search online, you’ll easily find several websites through which you can donate.  🙂

MIDDLE sister


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