Khloe, is that really you?!

6 Sep

If you watch the Kardashians as much as my family does then you would realize that something is off with their recent Sears ad campaign . Having had the renowned photographer Annie Leibowitz do the shoot I was puzzled by the extreme use of airbrushing. See for yourselves:

Does Khloe look a bit short to you? Or is Kim and Kourt looking taller than usual?

Ladies and gentlemen, in my defense may I present to you Exhibit A & B:

Exhibit A

Exhibit B

As we all can see Khloe is towering over her two older sisters in both pictures as she is 5’10”.  She stands 8 inches taller than Kourt and 7 inches taller than Kim. This brings us back to the first picture in question; the Sears Ad Campaign. How come they all seem to be wearing heels (I can’t imagine Kourt to be wearing flats with that outfit) and have similar heights????

I rest my case.


LITTLE sister


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