Dance your ROLEX off!

4 Sep

Note to oneself if ever I was to perform a vigorous dance routine in front of millions, it is best to remove ALL pricey jewelery. Unfortunately I can’t say Chris Brown had the same logic.

During his killer VMA performance, his 7,000KD diamond encrusted Rolex watch came loose. In a failed attempt to “safely” toss it to the side of the stage, the watch was flung into the audience.

Luckily an honest fan later returned the watch to Brown’s security team and as a reward received ….


Chris, how mean are you? How about a hug?!


I guess Chris isn’t as mean as we thought he was. In an attempt to thank his trustworthy fan who returned his pricey watch, he will be giving her tickets to his upcoming tour along with some backstage passes. Now that’s more like it…

LITTLE sister


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