Liar, Liar, Pants on Fire!

3 Sep

I read a very interesting article in the AUG 2011 issue of Readers Digest, and thought I’d share it with you 🙂

What a Liar looks like?

(personally, I wish they’d invent a little gadget that u can use to detect lying when u’re feeling suspicious!)

  • So the obvious one is “Liars never look you in the eye”
But if he/she does look you in the eye, there are a few more clues to look out for:
  • Blinking: rapid blinking indicates your brain is working overtime
  • Lip Nibbling: your mouth can rat you out whenever a lie passes its lips
  • Hiding Hands: Liars often shove their hands behind their back
  • Shrinking: a liar may pull his arms and legs inward to keep his movements to a minimum and appear smaller
  • Pulse: telling a lie puts colour in ur cheeks
  • Nose: Flared nostrils, deep breathing….(unfortunately, no growing-Pinocchio nose!)
Hope you never have to use this 🙂
BIG sister

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